Research Stay in Ghent, Belgium

Campus Gontrode in Melle

I went to beautiful Ghent supported by ERASMUS+ Staff Mobility for Teaching to widen my teaching skills and to more intensively work together with my supervisor Dr. Mike Perring from ForNaLab in Gontrode. Teaching-wise, I helped in an inidividual-based modelling class given by members of Dries Bonte’s lab. The students in the class had to implement a simple individual-based movement model in Python and then studied the effects of different interspecific interactions on movement. I myself learned how to implement evolution of traits into such models that I might transfer to my plant model in the future. Also, I got the chance to get to know Python :)

Sebastian Fiedler
Sebastian Fiedler
Postdoctoral researcher

I am a researcher in the Ecosystem Modelling department at the University of Göttingen in Germany. I am applying simulation modelling and empirical approaches to assist restoration of degraded ecosystems people rely on for their well-being.