Night of Science, Göttingen

Computer game

At the 5th Night Of Science in Göttingen, we delved into the intricate world of rainforest conversion, showcasing our EFForTS-ABM simulation model. Visitors engaged in a hands-on experience, navigating the challenges of optimizing carbon sequestration in rainforests transformed into oil palm plantations.

The EFForTS-ABM model offers a glimpse into the dynamics of agricultural land use change, particularly between rubber and oil palm plantations in Indonesia’s Jambi province. Participants grappled with balancing economic viability for farmers and environmental preservation by adjusting crop prices in a virtual village setting.

Through this interactive exploration, attendees witnessed the tangible impacts of their decisions on carbon storage and farmers' wealth. EFForTS-ABM serves as a beacon of hope, offering insights into sustainable solutions amidst the complex web of human-nature interactions.

Sebastian Fiedler
Sebastian Fiedler
Postdoctoral researcher

I am a researcher in the Ecosystem Modelling department at the University of Göttingen in Germany. I am applying simulation modelling and empirical approaches to assist restoration of degraded ecosystems people rely on for their well-being.