Research Stay in Alicante, Spain

In my PhD project I aim at synthesising the role of plant traits on the resilient supply of multiple ecosystem services, and to understand potential trade-offs among them across Mediterranean-type ecosystems.

Field trip to Morocco

I accompanied Jordi Cortina, Elysa Silva, Mchich Derak, and Lahcen Taiqui to a restoration mission to North Morocco. We spent some days there, talked to different stakeholders and did a participatory planting event to restore an area that is particular threatened to erode.

Research Stay in Berkeley, USA

My experiences while staying at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Research Stay in Rehovot, Israel

My experiences while staying at Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel

Synthesis Workshop in Berlin, Germany

The role of plant traits in determining trade-offs among ecosystem services across Mediterranean-type ecosystems: integrating empirical and modelling work

Conference in Freising, Germany

Presenting my work at the conference of the European Ecological Society for Ecological Restoration

Ecosystem services through restoration

Assessing the linkage between plant traits and the provision of ecosystem services under the impact of environmental change to improve restoration in Mediterranean-type ecosystems.